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Batavia Community Recreation League
7th-12th grade Basketball 2020

Each year Batavia Middle school has about 30 children try out for the school team, only 12 or so make the team.  BCRL is here to fill that gap, if you get cut you can signup here.  We are not competing with the school team, we want you to try out for that first.  If you get cut, you must immediately come here to sign up.  This is only open to children who live in the Batavia school district (you can open enroll elsewhere, but you must live in the school district) or those who attend Batavia schools (regardless of where you live). Cost is $100 per player, no family discount. 

We accept 7th and 8th grade registrations from all.  9th-12th can (and should register) but some teams come in as a whole and don't accept new players.  Refund will be given if we don't have a spot for your child or if they make the school team. 

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Not all request can be honored and in somes cases request are not allowed.

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In the event reasonable attemts to contact me with the information provided above failes, I give consent for the administration of any treatment deemed necessary by the doctor and dentist below, or to the hospital below (or a reasonably accessible hospital). This authorization does not cover major surgery unless two licensed physicians or dentist concur in the necessity for such surgery prior to its performance.
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    I give permission for the registered child to participate in the Batavia Community Recreational League. I understand that there is no insurance coverage for any injuries sustained as a result of participation in this program and I also agree to hold blameless the Batavia Community Recreation League, its coaches, assistant coaches, and sponsors for any injuries sustained as a result of participation in this program.