About PlayerOrg

PlayerOrg.com is a online registration system meant to offer rich features at the absolute best cost possible. When doing online signups there is a fee that nobody can escape. Credit card fees. Generally these fees are 2.9% + .30 for each credit card transaction. This is just not something that can be gotten around. However then organizations, many of which for youth sports are non-profit have to then pay a company another 2 to 4 percent! PlayerOrg.com makes this simple, $1 more for each credit card transaction.

Something not to miss there is what was said, $1 more for each credit card transaction NOT for each registration. PlayerOrg.com supports family registrations. So if your organization has a family max setup, we support it! When your families have to register multiple children we don't get a dollar per child, just $1.

The reason for this is simple, the owners of PlayerOrg.com have full time jobs. This will never provide a full income, not our goal. It will however pay for the server this site is hosted on and occasionally provide a nice night out or in our wildest dreams a nice supplement for a vacation.